CSCS Test Working at Heights 1

CSCS Test Revision and CSCS Mock Test Questions – Working at Height

One of the sections in the Citb CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme test (CSCS Test), is on working at height. The phrase “Working at height” means when you are working anywhere where, if you had a fall, it would cause an injury. There are several rules you should follow to make sure that you are working safely. Go through the revision and look at this link for CSCS Mock test questions.

Ladders Revision for the CSCS Test

In the CSCS Test you are bound get  questions  on the correct use of ladders.

Remember these rules:

There should never be more than one person on a ladder at a time.

CSCS Test Revision and CSCS Mock Test-Safe ladder angle

Ladder angle

The angle of the ladder should be 75 degrees or 1:4. Any other angles can be dangerous and lead to slipping or tipping.

If the ladder is fauty you must not use it. Ensure that everyone else who may use it knows that the ladder is fauty and don’t use it. Also be careful if you are going to use any ladders that have been painted.  It might be that the paint or any wrapping could be covering up a fault or damage that makes the ladders unsafe to use. (you should not paint ladders for this reason).

Anyone who is going to use the ladder must make sure that the ladder is safe. Do not assume that it is all right or take anyone else’s word for it.

When a ladder is being used eaning up against a roof or a patform, it should extend past the platform by  5 rungs to make it safe,  plus it should  be tied off at the top. The area it rest against needs to be solid and not constructed of materia which is fragilel.  Do not just tie it at the bottom. If you just tie a ladder off at the bottom it can is still able to tip over  and cause serious injuries. Having someone stand with a foot on the bottom is not enough.

You should only use a ladder if you arebe doing light work for a short periods. Ladders are not a suitable  work platform for onger periods. Scaffold should be erected if this is required.

Always have 3 points of contact with the ladder. i.e. 2 feet and 1 hand, or 2 hands and 1 foot (or 3 feet). More CSCS Card Revision


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